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Hypnosis is successful in bringing about  rapid change and quick healing. Hi! I'm Marilyn Spanier, the hypnotist at Integrative Change Hypnosis in NYC, New York. Hypnosis can help you live life to the fullest! Whether you want to stop a bad habit, change a behavior, improve your self image, improve your confidence or just feel better, hypnotherapy can help you achieve the results you're looking for. Integrative Change Hypnosis is conveniently located in New York City,(Upper East Side)

Hypnotherapy helps with: How to Quit Smoking, Break Nail-Biting Habit, Weight loss, How to Reduce Stress, How to Reduce Anxiety, How to lose Fears, How to get rid of Phobias, How to improve Self Confidence, How to Stop Bad Thoughts, How to Heal a Broken Heart, How to Erase Bad Memories, Motivation, How to Stop Hair Pulling, Test Anxiety, Grieving and Loss, Hypnosis for Sleep issues and so many other issues are healing with hypnosis. Past Life Regression Therapy also helps with current life issues and is available upon request. As you browse through these pages, you'll find infomation about my Hypnosis practice & services as well as how hypnosis can help you and your loved ones heal. If you have any questions please contact me, Marilyn Spanier (Hypnotist) and I'll be happy to answer them.

At Integrative Change Hypnosis, your well being is my primary focus. I strive to empower you to enjoy a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. I believe that you are the healer and the answers you seek are found within you. I use safe, effective hypnosis techniques, including: EFT tapping,  NLP techniques, Energy Medicine, Past Life Regression Therapy Hypnosis. Guided Imagery Relaxation, Self Hypnosis and other techniques designed to bring these answers to the surface.  I provide you with the right tools to help you resolve issues, find solutions, and to help you become the you you want to be. I believe in my clients and I know that my clients can make any changes they desire. 

Integrative Change Hypnosis is conveniently located in New York City     (NYC, New York (Upper East Side of Manhattan)

**** Hypnosis heals * NLP Techniques * EFT Tapping aka Emotional Freedom technique * Past Life Regression Therapy Hypnosis * Guided Imagery Hypnosis * Se;f Hypnosis * Energy Medicine * Help during Covid 19 - Corona  Virus * Call me today at (917) 833-6603,  to set up a hypnotherapy or life coaching appointment so I can help you heal and be the best you, you can be * #hypnosis * #hypnosisnyc * #healing *#marilynspanier *Hypnosis Heals ****                                                  

Social Distancing in the time of Covid19 (The Corona Virus)

Click here  (Article about Social Distancing in the age of Covid19 - The Corona Virus) 

 You are not alone. Integrative Change Hypnosis is offering hypnosis by telephone. Contact us at (917) 833-6603 or at to request a session. 

Hypnosis Sessions During Pandemic

All sessions will be done virtually to keep everyone safe during the Pandemic. The Office Managers have closed the offices until further notice. If you would like a hypnosis session please email us at or call us at (917) 833-6603. Thanks. We look forward to hear from you and to help you. 

EYES OF VENGEANCE by Marilyn Spanier
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EYES OF VENGEANCE is my paranormal murder mystery. Please check it out at the link above. I've been getting great reviews for my novel.  My novel will be on an amazing eBook sale on Amazon from Friday, April 23rd at 5:00 AM (PDT) through Friday, April 30th at 12:00 AM (PDT) for $.99 cents. It is also in print for $21.95. Also if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free


Integrative Change Hynposis was awarded the 2019 Best of Manhattan Awards (Hypnosis, New York City)

Integrative Change Hypnosis "Winner of 2018 Book Local Community Choice Awards"
Top Hypnosis in Manhattan
Integrative Change Hypnosis is ranked as a top Hypnosis in Manhattan NY
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I do not book appointments through Book Local. For booking please contact me via email: or through the "contact me" section on my website.

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At Integrative Change Hypnosis, you will find a welcoming place that offers state-of-the-art integrative therapies. We are committed to offering you the best, most advanced hypnosis techniques available in a setting where you can feel at ease. We are conveniently located in New York City on the Upper East Side. 

**** Hypnosis heals * Contact me for the best hypnosis in NYC * Clinical Hypnosis * Past Life Regression Therapy * Life between Life healing * NLP Techniques [Neuro Linguistic Programming] * Energy Medicine * EFT Tapping [Emotional Freedom Technique * Guided Imagery Relaxation Hypnosis *  Self Hypnosis * relief from stress * relief from anxiety * Hypnosis, New York City * Hypnotist New York City * Hypnosis in NY * Hypnotist in NY * Hypnosis is best for healing * Hypnosis heals ****  Contact me for the best hypnosis session in New York City, NY:  *   *   (917) 833-6603

" INTEGRATIVE CHANGE HYPNOSIS" -  "NYC Hypnosis" in New York City, NY (Upper East Side)

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